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‘So... You Want To Develop Spiritually?’
Author:Jenny Martin <jenny@jennymartinmedium.com>
Date: 16 June 2016

‘So... You Want To Develop Spiritually?’ is a ‘fly on the wall’ development course in a spiritual book allowing the reader to learn, participate and listen to the spiritual journeys and experiences of others. Like them, the reader is encouraged to develop month by month, learning the art of communication with their spirit guides whilst discovering what it all means. Learning how to contact their spiritual guides, how to meditate, spiritual awareness and develop their psychic gifts.

‘So... You Want To Develop Spiritually?’ is not just a spiritual development manual but also about the truths of the spirit for the reader to adopt in their pursuit of happiness, confidence and most of all, inner peace. By using her deep knowledge and understanding of spiritual relationships, psychic counselling and personal development, Jenny will help the reader ‘unlock’ and move forward positively in their life. This book includes chapters on Healing, Meditation, Attunement, Astral Travel, Trance & Rescue and Circles.

Medium Jenny Martin's second book is based on a tried and tested method which has been extremely successful over the last 15 years.