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Return of Truth
Author:Alhana de la Torre <alhanadelatorre@gmail.com>
Date: 28 February 2016

If you ‘ve ever wondered why there’s so much suffering in our world and why technological advancement not only hasn’t brought about peace but seems to have increased illness, wars and conflict then Return of Truth has the answers.

This is a book based on spiritual teachings that joins the dots between Atlantis and the Pyramids, the Holy Grail mysteries and contact with Extraterrestrials and the loss of vital knowledge in the Dark Ages with the repression of the Divine Feminine, as it explains the way forward into a New Age of Light addressing the challenges now facing humankind.

At the same time it encourages you to become the change you want to see by regaining knowledge of your higher self and an understanding of how for many centuries humankind has been deliberately manipulated by an elite order.

Some of our most respected historical figures, including Jesus, Joan of Arc and Leonardo Da Vinci, received wisdom from higher beings. Join with them and become part of the Army of Love that is overcoming the darkness to show that the power of love is greater than the love of power.