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The Living Light Dialogue
Author:Through the mediumship of Richard P. Goodwin <serenity@livinglight.org>
Date: 6 October 2013

In this series of books are the wonderful teachings of the Old Man, which were given as progressive lessons to a class in spiritual unfoldment through the mediumship of Richard P. Goodwin. The purpose of the Living Light philosophy is to help us to awaken to our true being by applying the laws that govern all life. For through the harmonious application of those laws we experience our divine birthright of health, wealth, and happiness. The Old Man (we are never told his name) is one known as a Teacher of Light and he makes clear that his lessons are not dogma, creed, or a narrow way, but a beautiful form of instruction to aid us in our own individual progression. These teachings are the individual understanding of a great teacher from other dimensions, understanding developed in centuries of study in higher realms.

The lessons to be perceived are not new---they are very old, but alive and new to certain levels in our being. This is why these teachings have been given now, in our time, for those who seek. The way is not easy, but it is beautiful. The Living Light philosophy is gently taught in simple, direct language. It is a course of study and continuous inspiration for the unfoldment of spiritual awareness, a spiritual awakening to the Divinity within us all.