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Just Real Useable Tarot Spreads
Author:Anne-Marie Bond <spiritualstars@gmail.com>
Date: 9 July 2013

Just Real Useable TAROT Spreads

This is a must have book for all those that are interested in raising their psychic and spiritual standards to a whole new level. Tarot for Anne-Marie (the author) was the doorway to understanding more about spirituality and mediumship as she had always, a inner desire to know more about 'life after death' and by learning tarot was able to connect with the physical aspect before moving onto the spiritual on a much deeper level.

This book will already assume you have knowledge on how to 'read the cards intuitively' as more essence is created around finding specific answers for Love, Work, Finances, Relationships with many more questions about your spiritual and psychic development, dinner dates, receiving loans and various other questions and more.

As the Psychic reader you WILL increase your repertoire of TAROT spreads that are not only, unique, they are REAL life questions that have been posed to Anne-Marie many times throughout her 25 years of reading tarot, your recipients will be left 'open-mouthed' at your accuracy. The way the questions are laid out, means as the reader you will be receive spot on answers.

Especially included in this book are various ADVANCED TAROT SPREADS for those at a higher level. Including a *Future Life and Past Life* reading.

The foreword was written by Ann Jirsch the founder of the FLP Future Life Progression technique.

A must have book for any Psychic's personal library.

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