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My Lifetime Journal - by Mum
Author:Anne-Marie Bond <spiritualstars@gmail.com>
Date: 9 July 2013


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A fascinating and enlightening book that is a keepsake for the whole family... This is mums life, yesterday, today and tomorrow and preparation for moving to the 'after-life'. A keepsake book that can be passed down throughout the generations! How did mum feel when she first fell pregnant with you, who were the first 3 people she told... how did her parents react? Who was her first true love? What is she most proud about?

As Spiritual mediums we are fully aware of just how short our physical lives are.. sometimes we get to say our goodbyes and sadly a majority due to sudden circumstances do not. With this book mum can complete over 100 questions from her childhood to teenage years so that any conversations’ that are too difficult to verbalise, are said in mothers own words.

A warm and heartfelt book that will raise emotions but will show everyone that Mum is more than a functional mother, she has dreams and hopes for her future and that of her child. Sometimes it's easier to put in words than to say what's in your heart aloud... and the opportunity of saying "I love you" and "I'm proud of you" can be written and always, kept by your child. This book also approaches sensitive issues that in some families certain conversations are never had. How amazing could mum be to create a wish list not only what she wants to achieve in her continued physical life, but a wish list that is created for her journey towards the spirit world, whenever that time maybe. There are ’surprise’ pages throughout.

A must have book for all Spiritual mediums and anyone who is a Mother.


A keepsake book that can be passed down through the generations! As a Spiritual medium can you imagine if your great, great, great, great, great grandmother had completed a book like this? Now what an amazing 'coffee read' that would be!

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