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Feathers From Heaven - Hello my Friend
Author:Shirley Mear <shirleymear@btinternet.com>
Date: 29 May 2013

Feathers from Heaven - Hello my friend is the first in a series of 9 stories for children and their families which have been Scribed by me from The Realms of Spirit to offer Light, Love and a little Laughter to those families facing a parting of the veil through chronic illness or life threatening circumstances.

Each of the Tales will offer support and caring love in dealing with worries and insecurities which come to us all at some stage in our lives, concerning our life in this place, evolving into life in another.

Matthew Peter-Paul is the 'Just William' of the Spirit Realms and is always up to harmless mischief out of which he is helped by his brother, Henry-James and, he has to say, some Very Important Angels.

The message of the first tale is one of all encompassing love and the knowing that we can never fall, fail or flounder for Love in all its forms will always uphold and keep us safe against harm. The Tales are beautifully illustrated by the gifted and superbly talented artist, Louise Masters and the text has been deliberately coloured so that each 'character's' dialogue can be clearly seen by little eyes which might well be weary.

The book is offered on its own or with a cd recording of my reading it for when times are hard and reading is not an option. The Tales are as important to explaining to little ones of good health where it is we truly belong as well as offering light reading to adults.

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