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Et Tu (a colour meditation with music)
Author:Thelma Francis (meditation) and Richard Newall (music)
Date: 1 July 2009

Et Tu is a colour meditation walking with your spirit through the colours of your soul, discovering and learning to love your true self. You are on an exciting journey of self discovery connecting to your spirit and also the spirit world on many levels.

Thelma has been aware of the spirit world and auric energies since childhood. About 25 years ago she decided to develop her awareness further and this was done at the Edinburgh College of Parapsychology.

She first worked as a tutor at The Arthur Findlay College in 1998 and subsequently passed the official teaching course in 2002. Along with teaching at The Arthur Findlay College she continues her spiritual work in churches and centres throughout Great Britain, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and The United States of America. The subjects she teaches are self awareness, evidential mediumship, relaxation and working with colour. Thelma loves working with colour and eight years ago she purchased an Aura Camera which she enjoys experimenting extensively with.

In 2006 she recorded her first colour meditation cd, et tu (also you) which takes you through every vibration to connect with the soul.

Thelma is a Tutor at the Arthur Findlay College.