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Curse of Ignorance
Author:Arthur Findlay
Date: 21 April 2013

Extract from the Curse of Ignorance page on Amazon.com:

Arthur Findlay OBE (1883-1964) took seven years to complete this two-volume history of the Christian era, which was first published in 1947. The Curse of Ignorance records past follies and achievements, and acts as a guide for present and future generations. This work is no less than a revolution in thought.

The breadth of knowledge displayed by Findlay in these 2318 pages is incredible, but what makes this book different from other histories is that whereas others are swayed in their accuracy by political or religious concerns, this one is direct in its allocation of blame for humanity's tragedies. Basically, Findlay goes about showing the devastating effects of ignorance on the history of humanity, ignorance of our true nature as human beings, as well as what really leads to happiness and contentment. Ignorance truly is the root of all evil, and as it has slowly been stamped out, despite the best attempts of the Christian Church to keep humanity in ignorance.