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Transcognitive Spirituality
Author:Robert Goodwin <mail@whitefeather.org.uk>
Date: 14 March 2013

A new paradigm is emerging; giving rise to the convergence of scientific and esoteric thinking that is transforming human understanding about the nature of life itself.

For centuries, philosophers and spiritual thinkers alike have speculated upon the purpose of our being, the afterlife and the existence of God. In contrast, science has followed the route of discovery through the empirical method of experimentation leading to many wonderful discoveries and inventions. Now, for the first time, these two approaches, so often seen as being in opposition are converging into a unified whole, resulting in a new way of thinking and the development of scientific spirituality.

The author, himself a medium and spiritual teacher, outlines the path now being embraced by all who are open to this exciting shift in awareness and expanded view of 'reality'. Drawing upon his vast experience and insight into the afterlife, coupled with the desire to provide factual evidence and research to support his theories, Robert treads a path that leads the reader to ever‐greater heights of self‐discovery and illumination.

Topics covered include the nature of reality, quantum worlds, the holographic universe, time, the afterlife, the power of DNA, resonant fields and the emergence of the new paradigm, amongst others.

Transcognitive Spirituality is written from the layman's perspective and will undoubtedly open up many new doors of perception for those seeking to comprehend the universe in which we live. With over fifty helpful and instructive illustrations to compliment the narrative it is sure to both inform and delight the true seeker of enlightenment.