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A Mediums Tale by Jenny Martin
Author:Jenny Martin <Jenny@jennymartinmedium.com>
Date: 19 September 2012

A Mediumís Tale is a true story of one womanís spiritual journey in which she has to overcome many difficulties and challenges along way. Yes, she wants to do something different with her life and in her search discovers an identity way beyond anything she had expected and begins a most incredible pathway which would surpass even the most vivid of imaginations.

She faces prejudice, ignorance and sheer bloody mindedness but knows she is on a mission but does not know where it will all end.

A rollercoaster of a story which will have you hanging on in disbelief but be warned, itís controversial and not for the faint hearted either. Are you ready?

A Word from Jenny

ď'A Medium's Tale' isnít just a story of my spiritual journey, itís for all those people who, like me, have had weird and wonderful experiences and questions and have found themselves alone with no-one to talk to. I didnít want them to go through what I had, wandering around for years and years trying to find people who could identify with me and my experiences. It took me over 40 years but I did it!

I am a deaf, Jewish, spiritual medium and teacher and a single mother to my twenty-six year old autistic son who is also part of my spiritual story.

If you have found yourself being called nutty, weird, a freak or even a witch then I hope youíll grab a seat and come and listen to a story of an ordinary girl who ended up having an extra-ordinary journey. I sincerely hope you will be encouraged by experiences that you recognise only too well and other aspects that you can personally identify with. I donít want you to feel odd because youíre far from it.Ē
Jenny x