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Music for Healing and Meditation
Author:Richard Newall
Date: 29 June 2009

"The greatest journey of all is the journey into oneself"

After studying for 17 years Richard confidently shares his expertise through spiritual healing, trance healing and sound healing. For the past 9 years he has concentrated on healing through music and uses his talents to create a vibrational sound, embracing all our emotions. He is a firm believer in healing the whole person.

Playing intuitively enables him to blend with his music creating a loving vibration, thereby connecting to the spirit within. His melodies create a transition from stress to tranquillity, harmonising on many levels, balancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of our person.

This special music allows you to reach deep within your soul transferring the emotion of love into sound, as it is love that performs the healing.

CDs include:

1- One - Five tracks of beautiful music for healing, meditation and relaxation.
Was Christ a Christian
Was Buddha a Buddhist
Was Krishna a Hindu

2- Samsara - Six stunningly beautiful tracks for healing and meditation, a real mix which will take you from the First Nation Indian's to the beauty of a Latin Prayer (featuring Gemma Roden).

3- Spirit of the Waterfall (CD pictured below) - A guided meditation taking you to the place in your soul where you can touch the essence of pure unconditional love.

4- The Message - A guided meditation giving access to the wisdom of your higher self, the God within you will reveal your soul's purpose.

5- The Big C - A Visual exercise to complement your Cancer treatment and help balance mind, body and spirit.

6- Namaste - 5 Beautiful instrumental tracks for healing, meditation or relaxation. Perfect for Reiki Healing.