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CENTRE The Truth about Everything
Author:Brian Taylor
Date: 24 May 2012

Brian Taylor is possibly today's foremost researcher into yoga and the psychic and spiritual sciences. His new book CENTRE is a matter-of-fact recording of some of his sensational investigations which cover over thirty years in using conscious access to 'the Centre' to explore different levels of reality - and to understand the truth about everything.

As a result of a Zen-like awakening (described in the Prologue) something bright arose in the centre of his body along with a sense of boundless integration. Later he came to see that all beings had this shining Centre at the centre of their being and were, for the most part, unaware of its significance or even existence. He came to know that it was the 'original Centre', uncharted on modern day chakra maps of the subtle body, from which the other centres (chakras) had devolved and that it is the gateway to your real self, where you came in and where you go out.

This new discovery of the Centre and method to transcend phenomena reveals the truth about:- Birth, Death, Incarnation, Healing, Chakras, Astrals, Astral Travelling, Devas and Brahmas, Heaven Worlds, Kundalini, Remembering Past Lives, The Time Track, Rejuvenation, Ethics... The book provides a method, a set of instructions and a map. The author encouragingly inspires us, "...if you can use them, you will experience these things, or some of them. Yourself."

CENTRE is a fast track guide to the highest spiritual happiness and understanding - with basic, intermediate and advanced levels. An essential read for the student of life.