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The Confidence Code: A guide to building self-esteem and living courageously (CD)
Author:Christel Nani
Date: 10 March 2012

Christel’s first Positivity Guide™ is now available on CD! The “Confidence Code” reveals Christel’s Positivity Techniques and habits of confident people. Your self-esteem will grow quickly and easily as you practice the seven positivity techniques and listen to the brief morning or evening meditation. As per her style, Christel has given detailed yet simple steps to raise you vibration and feel more poised and self-assured.

About Christel:
The world has known few genuinely gifted Medical Intuitives such as Christel. Her Readings, known for their pinpoint accuracy have ignited her international reputation as "the real thing."

Christel's clairvoyant gifts were passed down through the women on both sides of her family. Her psychic abilities emerged at age eight and are well documented in her book "Diary of a Medical Intuitive."

Christel teaches the principles of Spiritual Responsibility to audiences throughout the world and through her books, CDs, workshops and lectures. Her remedies are always practical and doable, resulting in healing of all kinds.