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Affirmation Cards: Words for the Healing of the Broken Heart of Man
Author:Shirley Ann Mear
Date: 21 February 2012

Words for the Healing of the Broken Heart of Man: From the Teachings Given by the Standing Bear.

My name is Shirley Ann Mear and I know that I was born in the right place at the right time to the right parents. How do I know this? Because without all of the loving help so freely given to me, I would not have become the deep trance Medium I am.

I work as part of a family led by my Spirit Guides and through them I scribe Philosophy. I have come to recognise and depend upon Them and in particular The Standing Bear who has chosen, and been chosen, to speak words of Wisdom and Healing for the Broken Heart of Man. My Tribe, as I have come to call Them, describe themselves as Healers for all is Healing for there is a need to reconnect the Heart and Mind of Man within his one true self.

The affirmations on the cards are derived from the Teachings given by The Standing Bear.