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Mavis - With Spirit
Author:Mavis Pittilla OSNU CSNU LSSNU
Date: 21 February 2012

Mavis Pittilla, Officiant and Certificate holder of the Spiritualists' National Union, has been a medium for over thirty years and has experienced amazing facets of spiritual reality. She has worked in lots of countries throughout the world; America, Canada, New Zealand, Holland, Norway, Iceland, Spain to name a few.

Her journey began in 1966 on a bright summer day when she saw a male figure build up in the living room at her home. At the time she was very seriously ill having been told that she had only three months to live, the man told her to ‘go and find a healer or she would not hear the New Year bells.’ The shock of this experience and the pursuit of spiritual healing led her to lifetime of dedication to Spiritualism.