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In The Afterlife - A Chronicle Of Our Experiences On The "Other Side"
Author:April Crawford
Date: 11 February 2012

This remarkable book contains direct first person accounts and messages from literally dozens of individuals who are actually in the afterlife. Each individual wrote their message directly from the "other side". These messages were not "relayed" through a medium that heard them and then wrote them down. Nor were these messages written by what some refer to as "Automatic Writing". This was possible because they wrote their messages by using one of very few true full body open deep trance channels in the world today. Imagine, in addition to being able to write and speak, these individuals, if they wanted to, could, and some did, have fully interactive two way conversations, use body language, and walk around the room and the house. These messages are direct. From individuals who are experienced on the "Other Side". They know how it works over there. These direct messages will convey knowledge, comfort, awareness, and connection to anyone and everyone who thinks that they, or someone they know and love, will someday experience a physical "death". Zero distortion. Zero "coloring" by the channel.

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