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Meditations with Thomas Berry
Author:Thomas Berry
Date: 11 February 2012

Now go to the meditations and slowly read a single page. Stay with any words or ideas that speak to you. Give yourself time to feel your way into understanding and exploring this awareness until you become part of the cosmos knowing itself.

This is the penultimate paragraph of June Raymond’s concise and helpful introduction to her selection from the writings of the late Thomas Berry, and clearly suggests how the book should be read. That is, slowly, attentively and with a sense of transcendent possibilities – in other words, the act of transforming quotations into meditations. This was the very opposite of my own first approach to the book, which consisted of a hasty read through both in order to get an overall feel and to find some sentences that immediately spoke to me. This did scant justice to the contents and not long after this initial foray I took June’s advice and meditated at length on just four quotations. What an enriching experience it proved to be, and so one unexpected consequence of reading this book has been my rediscovery of the joy of meditative reading – not exactly ‘lectio divina’, but in the same neighbourhood. A few words of Thomas Berry can go a very long way!

Reviewed by Chris Holmes (see link below)