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Spiritual Truth & Life Journeys: Biography of Don Kemp
Author:Jeff Roby <jeffroby@aol.com>
Date: 22 November 2011

This is the life story of Indianapolis resident Don Kemp, spiritualist teacher and medium, who served thousands of clients local and worldwide including politicians, police detectives, business moguls and socialites. His colorful life began in poverty during the Great Depression and led him through army training at the onset of World War II, adult experiences working in factories, beauty salons and hospital administration, ending as independent psychic consultant of renown. His popularity kept him busy speaking to numerous congregations around the midwest where his charismatic channeled teachings of the tenets of Spiritualism drew throngs of students seeking universal truth.

In this book we learn about pivotal junctures in the life of one of Indiana's most popular mediums, along with the important philosophical ideas that Don channeled from spirit
and delivered to classes he led at the Progressive Spiritualist Church.


“In 1938 I was twelve years old and living with my foster parents on a farm in northern Ohio. It was a desolate area so far back 'Tobacco Road' that cars couldn't get there unless they were pulled through the mud by workhorses. Our biggest dream was to have an electric light bulb in the kitchen but we knew it wasn't gonna happen anytime soon. An indoor bathroom wasn't even in the realm of possibilities. But we'd almost saved enough money to have a telephone installed.

“On a cold January night I was in bed on the second floor of the farm house. Besides having no electricity, the only heat was produced by an iron potbelly stove in the kitchen and not much warmth ever managed to drift all the way upstairs to my straw tick bed where I buried myself under a pile of patchwork quilts. The windows were so drafty you could feel the icy winter air blowing into the house along with flurries of snow.

“At some point in the middle of this night, my dead brother Cecil appeared in a bright flash of light at the foot of my bed. He was wearing a marching band uniform and stood in a circle of white light accompanied by an old gray-haired man wearing a suit, and a teenage Indian girl holding roses. All three were of solid form but at the same time I could see right through them. The white misty light they brought flowed around them like a soft glowing cloud in the middle of my dingy bedroom.

“Of course, at that time, I didn't know the guy in the band uniform was my dead brother. He came to me again twenty-some years later to explain a few things. It was also later when I learned that the man in the suit was my spirit guide doctor of philosophy, Dr. Woods, and the Indian girl was my Indian spirit messenger guide, Red Rose.

“But for a twelve year old farm boy trying to sleep on an cold January night, these three visitors caused me quite a fright. My screams brought my foster father, George, upstairs in a hurry to find out the cause of this commotion. And to my shock, he walked right through the misty physical forms without realizing they existed.

“A little while later, my trio of spirit visitors appeared again; the guy in the band uniform lowered his baton and pointed it straight at me...and I screamed again. This time George was less enthusiastic about climbing the cold staircase and again told me I was dreaming and to shut up and go back to sleep.

“My three visitors tried again later that same night. It was colder than ever. I was distraught. George was NOT amused. He swung his lantern in a wide arc as he stomped around my room to prove to me that there were no strangers standing in my room in the middle of the night. As he angrily pounded down the staircase, I pulled the covers over my head and said out loud, ‘I don't know who y'all are or WHAT you are, but you're causing me too much of a problem. DON'T come back.’

“They didn't come back for quite a few years, but when they did, they changed my life forever. Surprisingly enough, their visit on that January night wasn't my first experience of spiritual phenomenon. From the age of five, I had been aware of a feeling in the middle of the night where my body seemed to lighten and pull up and away from the bed. I always thought it was a dream; but several times I had the sensation of physically being pulled through the air, out of the house, soaring into the night sky and through the cosmos toward a bright star. It was a dizzying, bizarre sensation that I equated with death. But I always woke up later with a start, out of breath, and so exhausted under the weight of blankets that I couldn't even muster the strength to get up. This happened most nights, after midnight, and I come to identify it as the exhausted sleep of an overworked farm boy.

“But when my dead brother, Cecil, came to me in my adulthood and explained the visitation of the three spirits, he also told me that I had been going through nightly teachings since the age of five on the Star Planet and the planet of Uranus, the most electrically charged planet of the solar system. Bizarre as it sounded, the information kinda felt right to me but at the same time I thought it probably best to not tell anybody else. Some people already thought I was out of my mind.”