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Moses & Jesus: the Shamans
Author:Dr Jackie Jones-Hunt <jackiejones-hunt@btconnect.com>
Date: 7 November 2011

MOSES & JESUS: THE SHAMANS BY JACKIE JONES-HUNT PhD is comprehensive, non-conformist & paradigm shattering. This unique, gripping, revolutionary thoroughly researched book astounds the reader as it gives numerous examples of prophets’ transformative spiritual psychic experiences, each of which contributed to the birth and development of world religions.

These shamans (mediums/channels/oracles/mystics/sages) discussed are not only shown to have spanned all ages and the globe but are shown to have founded successive world religions and religious movements.

Entirely turning the tables on religious orthodoxy and traditional Newtonian physics yet in harmony with the revolutionary findings of quantum physics, this innovative, highly controversial, meticulous research methodically daws on primary sources revealing the esteemed spiritual teachers and prophets such as Moses, Jesus, Mohammad had spiritually orientated mediumistic gifts.

The author has inimitably established beyond question that supernatural communications laid the foundation stones of the world’s religions. This book unifies the origins of religions under a single paranormal concept and thereby does much to dispel the causes of historic and contemporary religious strife.

This book eloquently summarizes the remarkable findings of Emanuel Swedenborg who soul journeyed to the many hierarchical realms of the post death dimension.

Swedenborg, the medium to Europe’s royalty & governments taught that predominant thought patterns accumulated during a person’s physical lifetime determine at death, the appropriate after death landscape for each and every animal, human and non-human. Those making their transition at death discover a hierarchy of landscapes as like attracts like. This reveals a perfect form of after death justice. Devoted, loyal and loving animals are as innocent children, consequently when they pass to spirit they are to be found in spiritually elevated planes with others, including people, who share such qualities. These spiritually elevated planes are not barren but populated by the wonderful human and non-human animal beings whose presence formerly glorified the earth. Genuine spirituality is shown to be of primary importance irrespective of former earthly religious affiliations.

Jackie Jones-Hunt’s PhD search for hidden esoteric truths fuelled her acquisition of graduate and post graduate degrees including Islam, Arabic language and world religions, transformative spiritual psychic experiences (shamanic, out of body and near death experiences) & mediumship (channelling). Her research was overseen by eminent professors Dr David Waines, Professor Raef, Professor Arafat, Rev Dr (Dean) Pat W. Fenske former President & Editor of IANDS International Association of Near Death Studies Inc., Dr Crawford Knox (Author & Academic) Oxford University UK & Dr Carl Lindgren, USA (Author & Academic).

Jackie has travelled extensively in the middle east and lived in Jordan for several years pursuing her research in religions, psychical research and archaeology. She has observed numerous and diverse forms of paranormal phenomena including direct voice trance mediumship, ectoplasm and physical manifestations, levitations and other authentic mediumistic phenomena as outlined in her book.

As a result of her theological, scientific and archaeological research and research into the original, undistorted teachings of world religions, information gained through entranced mediums, shamanic and near death experiencers and her own personal, profound spiritually transformative mediumistic experiences, she has been inspired to write Moses & Jesus the Shamans and her follow on spiritual books covering a diversity of spiritual subjects.

For many years Jackie has given talks, lectures and courses to all age groups and backgrounds on the fascinating facets of mediumship, paranormal topics as well as her own profound life changing mediumistic and psychic experiences and abilities. She has been interviewed by UK & USA Radio, TV & Press including X-Zone Radio (covering scores of US States).

As a result of her experiences she became a passionate vegetarian approximately 30 years ago and devotes considerable time supporting animal charities- she would love to open a rescue animal sanctuary in the name of possible future sponsors, where no animal would be turned away and all would be treated with the compassion, sensitivity and respect they each deserve. Sponsors are warmly invited to make contact.

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