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Author:Glyn Edwards and Santoshan
Date: 14 October 2011

Spiritual, Mediumistic and Creative Unfoldment
Glyn Edwards and Santoshan

ISBN: 978-0-9569210-1-7
Body, Mind, Spirit
128 pages £10.99
152 x 228 mm / 6 x 9 inch

Spirit Gems is a revised and expanded edition of the authors’ second book, which provides practical steps for discovering how to live more freely, deeply and peacefully. Glyn Edwards and Santoshan write beautifully whilst covering essentials such as living in the now, facing our fears, finding unity with all and harmonising the whole of ourselves.

Both authors possess a wondrous diversity of knowledge and share profound insights for immersing our lives in spiritually and mediumistically centred living and for discovering creative realms of unfoldment. Let their wisdom take you on a journey through various treasures of your individual being to ever-present life changing dimensions of the spirit.

‘This book digs deep into the mystery of life and finds a whole treasure trove of wisdom and understanding. Gems, pearls, rubies and sapphires are waiting for anyone taking the time to read this book.’
– Ian Mowll, Interfaith Foundation minister and the coordinator of GreenSpirit.

‘Spirit Gems needs to be essential reading for spiritual teachers and students alike. It is brimming over with beneficial practices that will wondrously inspire, stimulate and enhance your inner powers and spiritual abilities.’
– Mark Stone, teacher, medium and healer, Mind-Body-Spirit, Westbourne.

Glyn Edwards has worked internationally as a medium for over 35 years, and is considered as one of the finest mediums and teachers of psychic and spiritual science in the UK.

Santoshan (Stephen Wollaston) studied world religions at King’s College London, is the designer of GreenSpirit magazine and an author of several books on spiritual matters.