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Healing Meditation CDs
Author:Martin Brofman
Date: 20 June 2009

Guided Meditations:

1. Stay in the White Light, and Dream.

"Stay in the White Light" is a progressive relaxation through your body. As each part of your body relaxes, you can imagine it glowing with White Light. When your entire body is glowing, you can experience yourself being centered, enjoying a deep state of relaxation known to enhance the generation of beneficial alpha brain waves, and listening to affirmations encouraging self expression and self acceptance.

The other side, "Dream," guides you to an experience of being a single point of consciousness, able to see you life as a dream, as the product of what is happening in your consciousness, as you see yourself moving toward the fulfillment of your goals. Brilliant orchestration by Danish musician Mikkel Nordso. Excellent for lending stability to those going through an extreme lifestyle change.

2. Healing Vibrations.

"Attunement" is intended as a self-healing and re-balancing meditation on the vibrations of colors and sounds associated with the energy centers known as chakras. Balancing these chakras is believed to have a beneficial effect on the particular parts of your body and consciousness each chakra represents. Superb musical accompaniment is by sitar master Roop Verma, who is also a master of Nada Yoga, the ancient Indian science of the effect of the vibrations of music on the human organism.

With "Love and Energy," you imagine yourself surrounded by those who you know love you, and you feel this love entering you for your healing, while you are experiencing the intense transcendent vibrations of Roop Verma's sitar.

3. You Know You Are A Healer.

"You Are A Healer" is a loving affirmation of your Being as a healer of infinite ability. We are each Beings of energy. When we block the flow of this energy with sufficient intensity, the result is some kind of symptom. All symptoms, then, can be seen as just blocked energy. You have the ability to feel and direct energy, and to therefore unblock it wherever it has been blocked, in yourself or in another Being. When the energy is unblocked, the result is the return to well- being that we call healing. We believe that we are all healers, and that anything can be healed.

"You Know" is a visit to the Old Man of the Forest, who some say is the wisest Being alive. You get to ask any question, and receive an answer. Then, you become the Old Man, watching yourself approach, hearing yourself ask the question, and experience yourself as the Old Man giving the answer. All your answers are within. You know, and you know that you know.

Music composed by Danish musicians Peter Bastian and Stig Muller for this meditation has been the subject for the study in Denmark of its beneficial effects.

4. The White Light Vision Improvement Cassette.

This is a progressive White Light relaxation through the body, as with Stay in the White Light (described above). Stress affects eyesight adversely, while relaxation is known to have a beneficial effect. The affirmations and visualizations which are presented at alpha are all intended for the improvement of your eyesight and vision.

Whatever you visualize repeatedly, you improve the probability of happening. Therefore, you can imagine what it will be like when your vision is clear again. Keep putting this picture of the future in your consciousness, as the means of creating it.

The second side of this guided experience with relaxing non structured zither music by LaRaaJi is the same as the first, with the addition of eye exercises. These are designed to restore flexibility to the eye muscles which are said to control not only the movement, but also the focus of your eyeballs.