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The Impeccable Warrior of Light : Mantras and Rituals for Spiritual Protection
Author:Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song, International Peace Shaman, Sacred Peace Center <info@sacredpeace.org>
Date: 8 December 2010

Enliven your Spiritual Path by walking this Earth as an Impeccable Warrior of Light. These Wisdom Teachings awaken you to the absolute necessity of greater spiritual protection, bestowing awareness of the infinite ways sinister forces sabotage your wholeness by lodging in the mind, body, spirit or home. Your eyes will be opened to the REAL cause of humanity's suffering and the power that resides within YOU, as Peace Mother demonstrates an abundance of quick, practical and power-full antidotes to strengthen your psychic shield.

The Impeccable Warrior of Light reveals the secrets to augmenting Grace in your Life. This book brims with mantras, prayers and rituals utilized in Peace Mother's own healing and protection work, with practical potent antidotes to ig
nite immense Power within YOU to blast past obstacles! Break chains of suffering immediately by bolstering your spiritual shield with these supremely effective mystical instruments!

Regardless of your religion or your spiritual beliefs, this ancient knowledge will heighten your connection to your true Spirit Guides and the mystical language of the Universe! Awaken to your Highest Destiny!

The Impeccable Warrior of Light gifts you profound and
sacred tools to help you dream the BIG Dream,
sing the BIG Song, pray the BIG Prayer, carry the BIG Faith
and radiate BIG Love and Peace into EVERYONE and EVERYTHING!