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Beyond Faith: Scientific Evidence for Life After Death
Author:Michael Kingscote, Cons. M.B.A.P.S. Dip. para.psychol M.S.F.T.R.
Date: 22 November 2009

Beyond Faith is not just another book offering nothing but faith for evidence of post mortem survival. Beyond Faith looks past that and convincingly explores the unification of science and faith. From Quantum physics to electromagnetic fields, the evidence shows us what truly lies beyond the grave. Beyond Faith looks not just at my personal experiences with spirit, but introduces the reader to the scientists that validate our work, and the actual scientific evidence of what we do, mentioning such players as Kalus Heinmann, the one time head of the NASA Science Department.

About Michael Kingscote:
Mike has worked hard for Spiritualism as a medium and healer for over twenty years. It was as a healer he started to hear and see spirit forms. Trained by Patience Denten, he devoted a lifetime to his calling, choosing to publically demonstrate mediumship in the year 2000. Mike has a qualification in Parapsychology, and runs regular workshops in this and mediumship.

Mike is a consultant member of the British Astrological and Psychic Society and has a qualification in parapsychology and 20 years experience as a medium.