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Seven Minutes to Natural Pain Release: Pain is a choice and suffering is optional
Author:Daniel J. Benor, MD
Date: 11 November 2009

Though pain affects millions of people daily, it is one of the most mysterious and hard-to-treat conditions. Pain can have many causes, is experienced subjectively in varieties of different ways, and often defies the most advanced treatments available to modern medicine. Yet Dr. Daniel Benor has developed simple and safe ways to enable people to release their pain naturally. Dr. Benor shows how to address underlying emotional traumas for rapid and permanent alleviation of pain. When emotional pain is cleared, physical pain often dissipates too.

WHEE is one of the new self-treatment therapies called Energy Psychology. WHEE changes people's consciousness and their relationships with their body emotions, mind, relationships ans spirit and facilitates the healing of many of their physical problems. Users report the changes produced by WHEE often result in rapid and painless healing on all levels of their being. It's hard to believe that so much relief is possible so quickly, even when the pain has endured for years; yet by using WHEE techniques, amazingly quick shifts are reported routinely.

Dr. Benor is one of the pioneers in Wholistic Healing and Energy Psychology. He is greatly respected as the developer of the fastest method, called WHEE. In this warm yet authoritative book, he gently yet thoroughly guides the reader through a process of self-discovery. Readers find the blocks that are causing their pain, and use the simple self-treatments of WHEE to shift those blocks. For adults and children with acute and chronic pain, 7 Minutes to Natural Pain Release is a godsend. More importantly, the personal growth that results from emotional healing leaves us with a legacy of happiness that lasts long after the pain has gone.