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How to Re-Create Your Life - You Can Do It!
Author:Pat Peacock
Date: 11 October 2009

This book will explain:

- The purpose of life
- That earthly life is part of eternal life
- You are a spiritual being
- Your physical body is temporary
- You create your life
- You can chose how to do it
- You are responsible for your life
- You have untapped abilities
- You are in control
- The choice is always yours
- You can achieve what you desire
- We are all connected

About Pat:
Pat Peacock has been a Spiritualist Medium for over 30 years. She is President at Chichester Christian Spiritualist Church. Pat offers Clairvoyant Readings and runs Development Circles, Seminars and Workshops to promote Spiritualism, a spiritual way of life and provide proof that life continues after physical death.

She has written two books also available as e-books ("My Search for Truth - Suddenly the Sun Shone" and "How to Re-Create your Life - You can do it", below), two booklets ("A Guide to the Development of Mediumship" and "An Introduction to Spiritualism"), and created a Meditation CD for Beginners (see books and CDs page).