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Spheres of an Unseen World
Author:Sandrea Mosses <sandrea.mosses@btinternet.com>
Date: 5 October 2009

Spheres of an Unseen World is a spiritual journey. It traces the personal development of the author and prompts the reader to ask 'is there a psychic in me? Spheres looks at many different esoteric subjects. Such as auras, the animal kingdom, the pain of death, negative emotions and communication. It is crammed with personal stories of other people's experiences and journeys. A large portion is given over to clearing people and properties of unwanted and unseen guests. The book finishes off with people's own person miracles, showing the reader miracles do happen when you least expect them and they happen to all of us.

ISBN: 978-0-9561590-1-4 Price 10.95