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Release, a Guided Meditation (CD)
Author:Carol Lowell, Spiritual Energy Consultant
Date: 2 October 2009

"Release", a Guided Meditation:

Periodically we have cords of energy extending from ourselves and reaching out to others, as well as cords from others reaching to us. Cord connection can be between parents and their children, ex-spouses or partners, friends or family members. The action of cord release simply allows a person through love and peace, to be free without influence or manipulation.

About Carol:
Carol is a Spiritual Medium, Ghost and Spirit communicator/helper, Intuitive Spiritual Hands-on Healer, Teacher, and Lecturer. She is a Reiki master, has achieved certification for Level 4 Healing Touch, a certified 5-PATH™ Hypnotherapist, a certified 7th Path™ Self-Hypnosis Teacher and a Past Life Regression Facilitator. She has been working with clients for 20 years. Carol facilitates classes and workshops through out the United States. Carol has been featured in Mpls/St. Paul Magazine, Star Tribune, WCCO Radio, Edge Life Magazine, The Onion etc. She has an office in Denver, Colorado and Minneapolis, Minnesota.