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Psychic Development: Practical Instruction for Beginners (2 DVDs)
Author:Echo Bodine
Date: 21 September 2009

Echo has created three different classes on DVD that are as close to being in person as possible.She recommends that you set up your own class by getting a group of like-minded friends together and studying the tapes as a group. You will need at least one other person to practice the exercises with.

In this 2 DVD set, Echo sits in front of a camera and talks directly to you, teaching you what psychic abilities are and how you can develop them. She covers several topics such as psychic protection and clearing, interpretation, mediumship, finding missing people, opening up and shutting your abilites down, what the bible really has to say about these gifts, and much more. She teaches you the same four exercises she teaches in her classes, designed to open your third eye and psychic ears, and help you understand how to interpret the information you are receiving.

Echo suggests that you study either The Gift or her most recent book The Key (which has a 6 meditation CD included) while studying this course.