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As I Recall It - Living Beneath the Wings of Angels
Author:Billy Roberts
Date: 17 June 2009

Billy Roberts has appeared on television all over the world, and created and presented his own television series entitled: SECRETS OF THE PARANORMAL. He is a Stage Psychic and also a published author with 15 books to his credit. Billy has been psychic since he was a child, and has always believed that he has lived his life BENEATH THE WINGS OF ANGELS.

Billy has always been regarded as an extremely radical medium whose work in the early days was greatly opposed by the different fractions of the Spiritualist movement. He has always stood by his beliefs, and although he has extremely strong views about the paranormal and the occult, his wealth of knowledge does make him stand out from his peers.

Billy's updated autobiography 'AS I RECALL IT - LIVING BENEATH THE WINGS OF ANGELS'. In the shops now.