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Proof Positive - Metaphysical Wisdom
Author:Doreen Molloy
Date: 13 September 2009

Valuable insights that reveal esoteric knowledge.

About life, death and our very real connections to the Spirit World.

From: Chapter 1, The "Real" You
It was only when I began looking within "to my inner senses" that I increased my range of perception. I began to realize that there is a difference between people who recognize that they are psychic and those who don't acknowledge the psychic realm as part of their everyday reality. The psychic person does not accept the limitations of the conscious mind; in other words, he or she is aware that other states of consciousness exist. Unfortunately, that doesn't reflect mainstream views... meaning, those who don't identify with their "psychic selves". Many people don't recognize - nor do they accept - anything other than the physical system. All other forms of consciousness are denied......

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