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The Beach (guided imagery CD)
Author:Winter Robinson
Date: 12 September 2009

Winter Robinson's soft, healing voice has made her one of the most sought after leaders of guided imagery. Set to a background of Maine surf, soft and soft music, this CD is designed for healing, intuition development, discovering answers.

Track 1: This relaxing guided imagery is set to the background of real-time ocean surf. Because this imagery can be used to strengthen your intuition, obtain answers to questions, reduce stress, or simply relax, you will return to this imagery again and again as each journey takes you deeper into yourself.

Track 2: Being able to relax is essential to connecting with greater aspects of yourself. With practice you will find that after doing this exercise a few times you will be able to think relax and you will be there. Against a background of live ocean surf, you are gently guided to bring your mind and body to a place of stillness as you follow your breath in a series of breathing techniques.