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Allowing Abundance (CD set)
Author:Dr. Susan Gregg
Date: 23 August 2009

We live in a limitless universe yet we often experience limitations. Abundance is so much more than just money abundance is about time, love, peace of mind, ease, and having what we want. Abundance is about having more than enough to share. Abundance is about experiencing our limitless nature and filling our lives with magic and miracles. This CD set explores abundance from this limitless perspective.

About Dr. Susan Gregg:
Susan believes that life is meant to be happy and free of struggle - that life is an opportunity to remember our divine nature and to have fun. The Hawaiians say there are many paths to the top of the mountain but the view from the top is the same for everyone. At the top of the mountain, no matter what path you take, you learn to love unconditionally and see the perfection in all of life. The Toltec tradition is one of the many paths that can help you reach the top so you can create a life that is a safe, joyous, loving and fun.