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Free e-book: A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife
Author:Victor James Zammit, Ph.D.
Date: 16 June 2009

Note: The book can be read online at the link below.

There is undeniable scientific evidence today for the afterlife. I am a former practicing attorney-at-law formally qualified in a number of university disciplines. I am also an open-minded skeptic.

After many years of serious investigation I have come to the irretrievable conclusion that there is a great body of evidence which, taken as a whole, absolutely and unqualifiedly proves the case for the afterlife. I will not be arguing that the objective evidence has high probative value. Nor am I suggesting that this evidence be accepted beyond reasonable doubt. I am stating that the evidence taken as a whole constitutes overwhelming and irrefutable proof for the existence of the afterlife.