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Online BlogTalk Radio: Principles of Inca shamanism
By:Elena Radford <elena@elenaradford.com>

The Principles of Inca shamanism: These are the teachings of ancient medicine People. This wisdom has been guarded, kept hidden, practiced, then mastered and built upon, in the utmost reverence. This Wisdom has been handed down carefully over time through the spoken word and shared feelings. If you wish to embrace this wisdom, join Elena Every week for 1 hour, so she can share her experiences in becoming an Inca Shaman and using the knowledge of the ancients.

For teleseminar registration, your own printout of the inca cross, free energy gifts on facebook and much more join us at www.elenaradford.com

She has the ability to connect with other realities besides the physical realm. These are Soul, Spirit, Subconcious, and DNA. She made contracts of love with her ancestors allowing her to channel their knowledge for a better world.

Weekly radio show is always free, no membership required.

If you miss this above event you can listen to the archive by going to blogtalkradio.com/elenaradford and scroll down to archives.

Enjoy the show!