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Spirituality, self healing, esoterism, mystery and legend
By:Le Retour des Dragons

Canada - Quebec City

Le Retour des Dragons website is dedicated to the spiritual dragons. The dragons are etherical beings of great strengh and wisdom. They are metaphysical beings who inhabit and work with the energies of the non-physical worlds. They act as spiritual guides for those who welcome them in their heart.

Le Retour des Dragons contains articles related to spirituality, self healing, esoterism, mystery and legend. Offers also an eye on the predisposition to astral projections, lucid dreams and Out-of-Body Experiences as well as for clairvoyant abilities.

Presents extensive information of astral projection experiences and out of body techniques. The website presents an in depth look at travel in the spiritual worlds, including sacred light.

The author organizes conferences and offers courses several times a year.