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Regression Therapy Training  by: Deborah Castellano
Regression therapy helps a patient reconcile his past lives with his present life and how the patient's past lives may currently affect him. The International Board of Regression Therapy must certify..
11 Laws That Lift You to the Next Life Level   by: Guy Finley
pic The only thing that holds us down is what we don't yet know about ourselves. This insight explains why our ability to learn the truth about ourselves, to increase our level of self understanding, is..
How to Explore the Astral Plane Without Magic, Trickery Or Fraud  by: Tina Bardo
Who else wants to learn how to explore the astral plane with elegant and effortless ease? If you are anything like I used to be, you PROBABLY find the idea of surfing the supernatural surfboard a bit..
How to Get in Touch With Your Spirit Guide  by: Abhishek Agarwal
Spirit guides are spiritual entities who can access the material world and provide wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to its inhabitants. Some people believe that spirit guides are in close..
Holding a Séance  by: Contributor
Weak of heart be warned: do not tamper with the spirits unless you are prepared for the ramifications. Ensure your own safety and set your boundaries when entering into this weighty task. Gather all..
Is Astral Projection Possible? The BIZARRE Astral Experience That I'll Never Forget  by: Anna Houck
"It was 10 after 12 on a routine Tuesday night. I knew the time because I could see the clock brightly shimmer with crystal clear clarity from the corner of the room. Only THIS night was anything but..
Things That Stop Your Spirit Flow  by: Cody Sorensen
When you feel like life has beat you down and you don't feel like you can ever get up again, consider improving the aspects of your spirit flow. Anything that impedes your spirit flow should be..
How to Discover Your Aura  by: Collaborator
Discovering your own aura always seems intimidating, people feel uncertain if they are doing it correctly or if they are seeing what is truly their own aura. This article will give simple steps on..
How to Give a Psychic Reading Over the Telephone Without Ever Meeting the Person  by: Dan Richter
Psychics, also known as seers, prophets and mediums, have been around for centuries. Such folks are said to have a natural ability to open their mind and receive divine information about the future..
How to Do Akashic Record Reading  by: Lea WhiteFeather
Known as the Book of Life in the fields of metaphysics, spirituality and religion, the akashic records hold the history of the entire universe and every soul that ever lived. There are a variety of..
Affecting Change Through Personal Transformation  by: Bela Johnson, Medical Intuitive
pic We hear the word so often, these days: transformation. What does it mean? Does it mean our lives will completely change? Does it require us to change the way we think and talk? Does it mean we'll..
How to Define The Different Colors of One's Aura  by: braniac
One's intuition can often recognize someone else aura color at the time. Most cache phrases such as "they are green with envy" is just an example of the capabilities of seeing one's aura. This..
How to Create Your Own Spiritual Retreat  by: Claire Bush
When your spiritual battery gets low, life becomes dreary and commonplace. Recharging your energy through a period of time dedicated to contemplation and relaxation pays off in a higher energy level..
The Uses of Astral Projection  by: Chad Stetson
Astral projection is the process of intentionally inducing an out-of-body experience. While out-of-body experiences can be seen through materialistic eyes, the term astral projection always connotes..
How to Use Shamanism  by: Nina Makofsky
The shamanic journey is accessible to anyone with patience and openness. Carlos Castaneda, the author of many books on shamanism, advises, "Look at every path closely and deliberately, then ask..
How to Start a Spiritual Business Online  by: Maya Austen
There's a difference between running an online spiritual business and using the Web to promote your spiritual business (such as a spiritual retreat that requires that people actually visit a physical..
An Introduction to Spiritual Change   by: Belsebuub
pic For spiritual change, we need to see and understand ourselves. What sees is consciousness, it is what perceives, and is essentially what we are. To understand ourselves we need to look within and..
Types of Mediums  by: Heather Monroe
Throughout the ages, people have wanted to communicate with loved ones who have passed away. A medium is a person who can do just that. There are different types of mediums with different methods of..
How to Start a Spiritual Journey  by: Alice Landry
Questing on a spiritual path can be experienced through many avenues. In order to consciously pursue an evolution in spirit, one must first gain awareness of a deeper spiritual element in life and..
How to Access Past Life Knowledge  by: Laura Britton
By accessing past life knowledge, you have the chance to live a more self-aware and integrated life today. This is the claim of the hypnotherapists who specialize in past life regression. They help..
How to Define The Different Colors of One's Aura  by: braniac
One's intuition can often recognize someone else aura color at the time. Most cache phrases such as "they are green with envy" is just an example of the capabilities of seeing one's aura. This..
The Psychic Medium and Mediumship  by: Paul Andrew Todd
Mediumship is the ability to communicate with people who have passed away. The term medium is used because the psychic medium is between the spirit of the dead person and the living person they are..
Past Life Archaeology: a love story  by: Wendy Gillissen, M.A.
I have a fascination for the past. Even as a little girl I would wander about ancient castle ruins, one little finger trailing along the broken walls, my thoughts going out to the people who have..
The Law of Attraction in the Context of the Eternal Cycle  by: Claire Montanaro
A man said to me recently that he spent hours every day repeating affirmations and doing meditations and visualisations in order to improve his financial situation, but if anything his poverty was..
Discover the Important Breathing Exercises That Will Enable You to Leave Your Physical Body!  by: Karl Sewon
Breathing exercises for astral projection are something that must be mastered if you are to successfully astral project. With some practice you will be able to use the power of breathing to astral..
How to Follow a Shamanism Lifestyle  by: Collaborator
Shamanism is a religion with ancient roots that emphasizes the interconnection between the physical and spirit worlds. Following a shamanic lifestyle can be a challenge, as you will be living..
Psychic Reading Games  by: Martha Mendenhall
Persons who claim to have psychic abilities usually attribute their knowing to either hearing, seeing, feeling or "just knowing" the psychic information. Those who work in the field of the paranormal..
Psychometry Tips  by: Nicky Sutton
Hold objects to read the emotions embedded within them. Use your intuition to experience sights, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells that an object has absorbed sometime in the past. The concept..
Extracts from The House of Wisdom book   by: HW Reader
pic Extracts from The House of Wisdom: Yoga Spirituality of the East and West By Swami Dharmananda and Santoshan Foreword by Glyn Edwards Paperback 223 pages Published by Mantra Books ISBN..
Why We Don't Meditate: And How We Can Change This  by: Dr. Robert Puff
Let's explore why we don't meditate twice a day? Some of us do, but many of us don't meditate when we should. People come home after a long, hard day of work, finish their day and fall into bed..
Being True to Yourself in 2011  by: Carol S. Batey
pic Being True to Yourself in 2011 Lifestyle Coach Carol S. Batey “Whatever games are played with us, we must play no games with ourselves, but deal in our privacy with the last honesty and truth.” –..
Is Everyone Having Fun?  by: Michael E. Tymn
The key to a good death, the speaker on the subject of “compassion in dying,” told the audience is “making the most of each day.” She also expressed it as “living life to the fullest” and “living in..
For Beginners: Signs of Psychic Energy  by: Chad Stetson
Many people report feeling and sensing experiences that are thought to be not from this physical world. The causes of these phenomenal events is often unknown, but spiritualists and mystics believe..
Things That Stop Your Spirit Flow  by: Cody Sorensen
When you feel like life has beat you down and you don't feel like you can ever get up again, consider improving the aspects of your spirit flow. Anything that impedes your spirit flow should be..
3 Facts That Will Help You Drop Negative States  by: Guy Finley
pic Most of us have that unsettling sensing that no matter how happy we may feel at any moment, a negative state is never too far away. It is always lurking somewhere in the background, just waiting to..
How to Find a Free Psychic  by: Michelle Aveyard-Barry
Whether you are looking for a psychic reading for simple fun or entertainment or for more spiritual reasons, a free reading is appealing. Psychics often charge by the hour or the session for an..
Psychic FAQ: Can You Believe in an Afterlife WITHOUT Being Religious?  by: Danny Fredricks
Q: Can belief in an afterlife be acceptable... even if you're not religious? Does one need to believe in a traditional god to believe in heaven or some sort of survival of physical death, or is there..
Secrets of the Profitable Soul   by: Guy Finley
pic How can those who suffer from worry, resentment, fear, concern over what other people think -- making desperate attempts to accumulate things and experiencing angst over how they will appear in their..
Know Your Spirit Guide  by: Paul Andrew Todd
Spirit guides are there for the purpose of giving you guidance in living your life to the fullest. We all have or can have a guide if we choose. Spirit guides are often referred to as guardians or..
Dispatches from America - August 2009  by: The Reverend John E. Otey, NST CM
pic July 4th, 2009 was the 233rd Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It is important to bear in mind that this event was heretofore unprecedented in which a colonial possession..