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Characteristics of Psychic Children
By:Marianne Carroll

Psychic children are often unusually sensitive to their environments, which can lead both to increased empathy with others and fearful or even destructive behavior. Many psychic children have problems adjusting to school and social life, and may exhibit characteristics which are difficult to distinguish from psychological disorders, such as recurrent nightmares and talking to invisible figures. Other common characteristics include sleep problems and predicting the future.

Psychic children exhibit deep sensitivity to their environments, including people, animals, objects and the natural world. Sensitivity can manifest as empathy with others' feelings as well as personal emotional displays. According to Spirit Source, empathy can potentially cause problems for children, who are sometimes unable to separate their own emotions from those of other people. Additionally, psychic children may be unaccountably afraid of certain rooms or areas and become uncomfortable if left alone in them.

Precognition, or the ability to foresee and predict future events, is a common characteristic of psychic children. In "Psychic Children: Revealing the Intuitive Gifts and Hidden Abilities of Boys and Girls," Sylvia Browne and Lindsay Harrison chronicle a multiplicity of instances of precognition, some of which have saved children's and family members' lives. For example, one child predicted the presence of a burglar in a motel, while another predicted an imminent and possibly fatal traffic accident. The prediction of negative events can be confusing and painful for children, since they may believe that they have actually caused the events.

Talking to Invisible Figures
This characteristic can be confusing for parents and family members, since it is difficult to distinguish from typical childhood imaginary play on the one hand, and from mental illness on the other. Spirit Source posits that these figures may be "spirit guides," which are benevolent and "primarily interested in the child's spiritual development." Psychic children may also recount seeing people in their houses or yards whom other family members cannot see. It is important for parents to question children about these events and attempt to determine their sources and effects.

Sleep and Behavior Problems
Psychic children may experience vivid or recurring nightmares and other sleep disturbances. According to Professional House Clearing, they often sleep curled up at one end of the bed due to the presence of negative energies in their bedrooms. Psychic children might also exhibit behavioral difficulties such as anger and destructive attitudes. Due to widespread misunderstanding of their abilities, they may have problems at school and receive diagnoses of ADHD or other psychological diseases.