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How to Get in Touch With Your Spirit Guide
By:Abhishek Agarwal

Spirit guides are spiritual entities who can access the material world and provide wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to its inhabitants. Some people believe that spirit guides are in close communication with those who have psychic abilities. Others are sure that everybody on earth has a guide. Psychics can communicate with them only because they can see them, while other people cannot see them and, therefore, cannot communicate with them the way psychics do.

Your guide is a special being. Some people believe that they are souls that have reincarnated on earth many times before breaking free from the cycle of birth and death. Owing to their experiences on earth, they can offer the living immense wisdom and knowledge.

Getting In Touch With Your Guide

You will know for sure that your spirit guide exists if you can communicate with him/her. Communication between them and living people takes place in several ways. Some people claim that their guides appear to them in physical forms. You can get in touch with your guide in the following ways.

* If you learn astral projection, you can easily meet your spirit guide. Astral projection enables you to consciously leave your physical body and travel over the astral realms. Once in the astral realms, you can easily arrange a meeting with your guide and listen to his/her valuable words of wisdom.

* Sometimes, meditation and visualization can help you get in touch with your guide.

Even if you never meet your spirit guide and never converse with him/her, it doesn't mean that you don't have one. Everybody has guides. Some people just feel that there is a guiding presence in their lives. This is their spirit guide at work.

How To Ask For Guidance

Once you learn how to communicate with your guide, you can get in touch with him/her at will or whenever you need answers to some burning life questions.

You can also use dreams to get in touch with your guide. Simply go to sleep secure in the knowledge that you will dream a solution to your problems or an answer to your questions. You will wake up knowing the answer to your question or the solution to your problems.

Sometimes, you will feel some inner urge to take an important step or make a decision even if you haven't given it much thought or analyzed the issue in your mind. You might call this 'acting on an impulse." However, it is your spirit guide guiding you.

Animal Guides

Spirit guides need not necessarily be human. They could even be animals. The Native Americans have been staunch believers in the guiding nature of animals. Shamanism teaches the importance of animals in human life. For the Native Americans, animals are rich sources of wisdom.

The crow, for example, is believed to have access to the land of the dead. The natives believe that the crow actually helps souls pass over to the other side after death. Crows are absolutely unafraid of the unknown and have immense knowledge and wisdom about death and life.

However, most people who have met their spirit guides claim that they have a human form.

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