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Opening To Channel - Connecting With Your Spirit Guide
By:Pat H.

Have you ever wanted to learn to channel messages from the spirit plane? Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer have written a simple and easy to understand book about how you can learn to channel. In this book it is clearly explained how every human being has the natural ability to channel, and how to get started in learning to channel. If you have been searching for a book that gives real answers about Channeling, Spirit Guides, Trances states, Guides, and much more, then this is the book for you!

There are a lot of books written on new age subjects. Very few Authors explain from the ground up how to get started on the specific subject they are writing about. This book is well done in its explanations and examples on channeling, it takes you from new to channeling, to being able, with practice, to channel on your own. The authors of this book provide step by step instructions. Exercises provided in this book offer a great way to learning about your spiritual self, from your existing starting point, to where you would like to go.

Section 1 - Theory behind channeling. Explanations are given for:

    What channeling can do in your life
    What channeling involves and what it can be used for
    The benefits of channeling, the limitations of channeling
    Self-analysis to decide if channeling fits your personal makeup
    The types and depth of trance states needed in channeling. How to achieve the trance states
    What happens when you channel, where you go, and what you do
    Guide types, the different levels of guides, and personal guides
    Communication with guides, how messages are transmitted, and non-verbal communication
    Things that you can do to attract your guide. First time communication with your guide

Section 2 - The How-to-Guide of channeling:

    Exercise: Achieving a relaxed state
    Exercise: Increasing your ability to focus and concentrate
    Exercise: Attuning yourself to the spiritual plane
    Exercise: The best posture to attain a good trance state
    The process of communicating with your guide at the first meeting. Questions that you may want to ask
    When working with a partner, how to best assist them in their channeling journey
    Tips for giving readings to other people
    Types of questions to expect from the people you read
    Everyone's reading style is different, tips for developing your own style

Section 3 - Stories about opening to channel:

    The experiences of the authors when they channel and about their guides
    Experiences of everyday people who have learned to channel: Meeting their guides, and how they have benefited by learning to channel

Section 4 - Developing channeling skills

    Realizing what you have experienced as a channel isn't just your imagination
    Tips on how often to channel
    Tips on ways to strengthen channeling abilities
    Tips on guides, specific information about channeling, and changing guides
    Your channeling abilities, and how this can affect your friends and those you meet in everyday life

When you channel, you are serving as a medium through which a spirit guide communicates. Channeling is a word which refers to multiple ways of getting information from the spirit world. The process, as explained by the authors is to the point, and easy to understand. The best way to learn to channel is to work with a partner, or join a psychic development class. Be very particular when choosing a partner, or in joining a psychic development class when learning to channel. Verify to yourself that your perspective partner or psychic development class members have the same goals and ideals as yourself.

Learning to channel can be a fun experience. By reading this book, and with practice, you can meet your spirit guides, set-up communication, have them assist you in daily matters and assisting others. Channeling is an easy process to learn. Remember though, that you need to work at it and get plenty of practice. This book can give you a new outlook on life!

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