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How to Access Past Life Knowledge
By:Laura Britton

By accessing past life knowledge, you have the chance to live a more self-aware and integrated life today. This is the claim of the hypnotherapists who specialize in past life regression. They help their clients heal former and current psychological wounds by delving into the universal soul records to uncover the truth of the past.

You can access knowledge of your own past lives through traditional crystal gazing, as described here.

Place the crystal ball on a table in a dark, quiet room. Your ball can be any type of crystal, though many people prefer clear quartz crystal. June Kaminski of Reincarnation Central advises that carnelian, amethyst and jade are all helpful for past life work and would be good gazing crystals.

Light the candle and set it so that you can see its flicker but not its flame while you look at the crystal. The flickering light helps to induce a trance state.

Gaze into the crystal. Do this with a soft focus. You do not need to stare or glare at the ball. Simply relax your eyes and look into the ball. You might find your eyes drawn to particular areas of cloudiness, striation or other markings. This is all fine.

Allow images of the past to come to you within your mind until you reach memories from a previous life. These memories may come to you in a jumbled sequence, the way memories from your current life do.

Follow a particularly important or poignant memory to its natural conclusion by allowing it to play out.

End this session when you feel like you have come to a natural stopping point and record what you have seen.

Repeat this process as often as you like.