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What is a Medium? (short video)
By:Stephen Wakeling

"To me the communication between the two-worlds is natural and gives humanity a portal for knowledge in the furtherance of our eternal existence and our movement of life, through the psychical, out into the spiritual realms of light."

Stephen Wakeling is an international Spiritual medium based in Nottingham, England.

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A spiritual medium is very different to a psychic.

However, each has his own part to play.

But a spiritual medium, you have to realize, fundamentally that it is a divine gift.

What it allows a person to do is to work almost like a bridge between the two energy fields.

Now the two energy fields are the World of Light (or the World of Soul).

Although it's this world is which we are at the moment, which is the Earth World.

So, we are able to work between the capacity of the two.

And how it works, the final mechanism, the part of it, people can only guess.

But the reality of it is that the gift does change, so it becomes an altered state of consciousness.

For the medium then, it's basically they are like a vessel: So you're filled with the capacity for a period of time.

Once it's gone it's gone, so basically I become just an ordinary person.

But when that gift comes in, when it kicks in, then you are filled with spiritual energy, which allows you then to lift the vibrations or it's done for you.

And the Spirit world basically drops theirs, so the two fit together.

So in effect, we become a bridge.

And at that particular point, Travelers who are in Light are able to cross the bridge to make contact with people who are here in Earth.

Only for a short time.

It's like in a post card.

But that's simply what's a Spiritual medium is.

That gift is a divine gift. You can't wish it. Many people wish it. But you have it.

And sometimes I wish I hadn't had it.

I am not a fortune teller. Nothing wrong with fortune tellers; they've got their part to play within the tapesty of life.

But no, a lot of people say it's just proof, to give proof.

I have always found it difficult word, what is proof of survival beyond the physical death.

What I believe is that we have the capacity to help people to reach their own truth, almost as if to give a key.

So it does not matter what you say, what you do - yes it will help to ease the pain - but ultimately we all take the final step, which is from one dimension into another dimension.

So life is like, shall we say, a record that's going round and round. But there is no end because really there's no beginning.

And we are at a that point now which the great Eastern religions look at, is that we are at the time where we are in this life, and ultimately we are going into another life, into another dimension.

And that other dimension, like all the great religions believe that is eternal life, waiting for us there are the people we have known and loved in this life.


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