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Article about a spiritual awakening
By:Desraye Halon <Desrayehalon@aol.com>

I am a spiritual helper and writer and also offer free information on my website to help others. As I have been through an awakening and was born with abilities to see, hear, speak to spirits. I also channel my guides and angels. Desraye

​What is an awakening?

I had never heard of an awakening until I was suddenly thrust into a full spiritual awakening.

A spiritual awakening is the realization of truth, or a remembering of your true self. The sudden shift in consciousness and expansion of your mind and spirit. The sudden knowing of being one with everything. The truth of who you are and what is real, beyond our human reality of how we know things on Earth and beyond our teachings from other humans. It shows you what is real and what is an illusion to us, this can be a very frightening and horrible sudden shock for some people to come to grips with, as this can bring a huge force of energy with it. For others it will be the truth they have always knew deep inside them but it just had not revealed itself yet with a much easier energy flowing in. You see everything for what it is for the first time here, most of what you knew was just an illusion around you, you see and feel everything through your whole self, not just a human body / brain self. You now know you are one with the divine source, everything and you are a being of energy light and all the things you thought were important, may not be important to you any longer as you see reality now.

An awakening will be different for everyone, there is no one set or standard for who goes through it and what happens during this process. Some people will have a sudden burst of deep and profound clarity, while others will go through a gradual awakening into reality. Some may even have a small burst of consciousness and then go back to their normal routine like nothing ever happened. Maybe they are not open to it or it was just something small they needed for that time. Others can also go through a spontaneous awakening out of nowhere, without any warning or spiritual knowing of any kind. It is the process of remembering who and what you are at the core of everything. Before you came back to earth as a new born human baby. You knew source, and knew you are indeed from and a part of source and everything there is. There is nothing separate from you, as you and everything are a part of one.

During some part of an awakening, a person may become frightened, upset or even distraught from having a feeling of being lied too from the reality they once knew to be true is now so very different. Trust, no one has lied to you what so ever. When you came back to earth, most of us will not remember these things as we emerge into the womb and come to earth. We agreed to this, so take ease in this. You did understand when you chose to come to earth, you would not remember. It can be hard to grasp for a while for some. It is ok and you are not alone, it will get better.

Some people will come back and remember this or their past lives, itís happening more and more now than ever before. Humans are coming back with more knowledge to help others, Earth and everything on it. Listen to the new children coming to earth now, not all of course but a lot more are coming aware. This will continue to happen well into the future also. As the Earth and everything on it is changing so are we.

This can be brought on by something traumatic also, a loss of a loved one, an accident, anything truly profound that can rock you to your souls core. That event in and of its self can bring on an awakening. Something that makes you look at yourself in a new way, to go inside of yourself. Also changes in energies can bring this on. When a big energy surge or shifts happens close to Earth from space or within the Earth itself. Some people go through this while in some sort of drug treatment center because they are now faced with what they have done and cannot hide anywhere but must face themselves. Just as an example of course. Mine was brought on from my friend who passed away and being in a work environment of an energy field.

During the time of Sept 2015 there was a big energy wave that came through. I had seen what I call a breakdown in time and space or a peek into another dimension. It was as if a giant wall that had been up in place had been broken or taken down in areas. Energy waves , surges or changes can bring on an awakening too. I bring this up so everyone can be mindful of things happening. If you are awakened already this can also bring on shifts in and around you.

Will everyone go through an awakening or a remembering while here? No, I wish the answer was yes at this time. Wouldnít that be a great world to live in, where everyone is awakening, what a love fest that would be! But for the time we are in now, the answer is no. Some people do try to achieve it on their own through different energy work and meditation or running off to the ends of the earth to find it, but they may never wake up fully or at all. You have to let go. There are however, more and more people waking up every day. Children are also being born with more abilities and knowing than ever before. More children are being born remembering their past lives and speaking with spirits, and just a knowing already. This is no coincidence. If one does not ever remember while here or go through an awakening, not to worry, as soon as they return home, they will know then. Always learning and expanding beings.

Do I have to go to or be at a certain place for this to happen?

No, there is nowhere to go, no place to be. You are right where you are suppose to be right now this very second, until you're not. You can never leave yourself. The awakening is you realizing your true self and everything around you. You never leave yourself, you cannot run from yourself. There is no magic potion to drink or have to go tree hugging in the woods. When it is time, you will meet yourself. If and when you do, so hello and this will be an awesome breath taking experience. There are no words to fully describe this greatness, no drugs can ever compare to the feeling when you become awakened to everything.

Signs and symptoms of an awakening?

NOTE- these are general and what happened to me as I went through my awakening and periods of shifting or waves of consciousness. These can vary and may be different for others, but this will help you if you are going through this or know someone going through this process. This first initial period has no time lines of starts and endings; they can last for days, weeks or months with the first onset of an awakening. Then as you are awakened, you will go through shifts. Shifts are changes happening to your physical, spiritual and mind bodies. If you had a sudden burst of clarity for a short time, you may not experience these and go back to your normal life as you knew it. Like a few moments of clarity or an aha moment. But if that aha keeps going for awhile, a few days or more, you are then or now waking up fully and not just a moment of ohh I see.

Running very hot or cold.

Headaches, sinus pressure, feeling like your head may explode, migraines.

Hands get hot or sweaty hands and feet. Even have bouts of heat/hot flashes, both men and women. Not menopausal in nature.

Tingling throughout your body, or burst of energy in and around you, feels like rushing through your body.

Pain in your forehead or tingling in the location between your eyebrows- also known as the 3rd eye. You may also hear cracking in your head or ears.

Eyes may become sensitive to light. Sight can become blurred at times. Sight may even seem as it has improved for a short time.

You feel younger, stronger.

Feeling you are a part of everything and everyone at every single moment.

You start to just know things and you're not sure how you know this all the sudden (expansion of mind, spirit, self). Your conscious is now expanding.

Heart palpitations or feeling like you are having a panic attack.

Become ill or feel like you have the flu. Make sure you rest and take care of yourself.

Pain in your back or twisting feeling in your back and ribs as if your muscles or bones are moving around inside of you on there own.

Racing pulse and heart.

Feeling like you are going insane or having a brake down. Breath, all is well and you are safe.

Questioning everything and asking , why me?

Bursts of energy, feeling like you could run a marathon. You may find yourself pacing with nowhere to go.

Loss of sleep- you may only need to sleep for an hour or two at a time. Or lots of sleep, being exhausted all the time for no reason. I had bouts of both back and forth, but more of loss of sleep for me.

Vertigo, or loss of balance, this can come and go. Be careful! I fell over right on my face hiking in Flagstaff AZ, my friends got a good laugh and I was ok.

You may start to want to meditate without ever doing so before or knowing anything about how to do it , or even why you want to meditate.

Colors can become brighter and may fade in and out from bright vivid colors and back to how you saw them before.

Seeing what looks like waves of heat around things. This is the start of seeing auras around living things.

Hearing voices, these can be someone talking to you out loud that you cannot see, or you may hear voices talking to you from within. Your higher self or guides can help you.

Self talk - you will spend great deals of time talking to YOU, yourself.

You may feel what a lot of people call chakras', fill with energy, pulse and or vibrate with in you. You may also find your whole body vibrating for hours , days, weeks , months. Again , each person is different. Your energies are changing, and your energy points are opening and closing. Chakras. There is seven main chakras, but there is also one in your upper chest between your heart chakra and throat. Your Thymus. There are more but these I found to be the main ones for me, eight of them.

Visions - you may see white lights, sparkles in the sky, orbs with your naked eye. Or you may have visions of things you have never seen or places you have never been too.

Extreme clarity of all that is.

Feel like you are being upgraded from the inside out.

​You will notice numbers, codes, words will start repeating in your life. Listen to what they are trying to tell you.

At times you feel love for everything and everyone you come in contact with.

Warm and cold spots around you, or times where you begin to feel energies around you. Your hair may stand up on end, get goose bumps or feel a warming over whelming feeling of love and joy wash over and through you.

Depression, sadness, anger or joy, happiness and love, these can happen back to back, or last for mere hours to days.

You may find yourself wanting to be alone all the time, people start to bother you and you do not want to be around them or talk to them. This is fine and it will pass. You may also not want to leave out of your home for awhile, this is ok, go easy on yourself.

A feeling like you want to return home - this is normal and this will pass as you realizing who and what you are. Go easy here, you may feel like taking your own life to return home but go easy, no need to make hast. Relax and stay here on earth, you will enjoy it.

You will have moments you feel invincible, but do not jump off a roof or walk in front of a bus, you are very much in a human body after all, and you may have times where you need to remind yourself of this also. Remind yourself that you are in fact in a human body.

Bouts of crying for no reason, uncontrollable sobbing. It's ok, let it happen.

Loss of appetite. You may also start to eat a lot more to help shield yourself make you feel like you are tucked in and safe. For me , I hardly ate anything for just over a month, maybe eating only once every two days. But again everyone will handle this a bit differently.

You may not want to talk to friends or lovers anymore, you may even get rid of these people in your life. This is fine, you do not need them in your life any more as your energies are not matching up. Just go easy here with people in your life, as they might not understand this reasoning or understand you are changing. For others you will become stronger in your relationships.

Tingling in your body, the top of your head example. It may feel like when your leg falls asleep, it just happens in different parts of your body. Or it may feel, like if someone just cracked an egg over your head and the yolk has been placed on your head. You may feel something or someone touching you, it's ok, they are here to help and give you ease and comfort. No need to fear anything.

You may see or hear other energy beings. You may also start getting information in dreams as you sleep, contact from past loved ones or even guides and angels. (It is good to keep a note pad next to your bed so you can write it down. Even if you are great a remembering things and dreams before, it may become harder to remember them at this time.)

The feeling that you are the chosen one, donít worry most people feel that for a short time. Youíre not Jesus, it just seems like youíre the only one. We are all here with you. Again do not try and stop a train, you are very fleshy and not unstoppable.

These are just some of them, you may have more or less- or even some different than listed above. Remember through this process, everything is ok and you are safe. There is no need for fear, you are protected and cared for.It may seem scary at times, relax and breath. Take care of yourself, drink lots and lots of water for the energy to go through you easier, if you don't you may bloat up from lack of water in your body. I got a short break after my awakening before I started my first shift if you will, I got almost three weeks in between. Also, if you ask for help from your guides or angels you will get help, just listen and pay attention so you do not miss the information. They may also comfort you at times through the process, just go easy on yourself. If you feel you need to see a doctor, do go see one. Let go and keep your mind open to expand.

​It will get easier and it will be amazing! Trust. Live happy in bliss, keep asking and searching.

Some people will say the shift is the same as awakening, but when I mean shifting or going through shifts, it will be different energies and information flowing in and through you. I call them shifts because they do come in shifts or waves. Waves of conscious- expanding at different paces. The pace is all up to you and what you came back for, your own personal experiences you have lived, are living and which direction you are headed in. Shifting can also happen in times of earth or space energy waves or changes.

Posted Feb 9th 2016
Shifts or waves expansion and higher frequencies

After you go through an initial awakening or remembering of who and what you are, you will begin to experience or go through shifts. Shifts of your spirit, mind and physical body. Or as I call them, waves of consciences, but for this we will call them shifts. These are truly great but very unknown and the length of time they will last, what order things will happen to you, what it is you will learn and how long this will go on for in your life here and now. You may go through a few things which last hours, days, months or years, while others will continue to evolve and expand for the rest of their human life here and others will only expand for a short time. It is all up to you and your journey.

It is a disturbance of sorts to what we know and see as our reality, the truth unfolding too and for us. Opening up our spirits and minds, expanding our consciousness. Consciousness is the human awareness of both internal and external stimuli. This helps us see more into ourselves, our physical selfís we see and touch, expanding to feel and know our inner or true self. To know that we are one with source or a divine being that created everything. To know we are one with everything and everyone. To see and feel beyond our physical human bodies and expand out to knowledge and knowing. To be aware of the self beyond our human bodies, to be aware of others either in human bodies or out of bodies, like energy beings or entities. You now know you do not need what you thought you did, material things do not matter any longer. To be open to be a healer, teacher or helper to others. This realization goes beyond your human brain and you now are learning and becoming clear of what is real and what is important to you.

Some people may reach enlightenment, but for the majority will not and that is just fine. You will become very aware of your true self, your higher self and other higher beings that come and go not just on Earth but in your life.

I have gone through a lot of shifts so far in the last few years. I do get breaks in between to recoup, heal and process all the incoming information. There is no time line for this however. We are all so different and will ask different questions along in this process. So this will be a rundown of mine and how I handle or deal with them. This can help you or a loved one going through this incredible life changing experience.

So your awakened now what? Well you may go through shifts, what are shifts? Shifts can and will change you, your spirit, mind and your physical body. They can come on very fast and out of nowhere or can be a nice easy slow process, again no one person is the same. Just as all snowflakes are in fact snowflakes, not one is the same, but they are still all snowflakes.

I explain I have been through multiple shifts at this moment, I have down times or breaks in between surges of energy and information given to me. Where does my information come from? In the beginning it was getting information from my guides, I have two of them. As time went I started to reach out to my angels. I know this will be hard for some people to accept or understand and thatís ok. I have three angels that I speak with, one of them I speak with more than the others, or should I say, he speaks to me more than the others do. Also I receive information via knowing, there are times when my head hurts and tingles and then all of the sudden, whala! I have instant information in my mind, my brain that I know without ever picking up a book or talking to anyone. I get this information from my higher self, higher beings and beings from different dimensions. My guides are still there, but I just communicate better with my angels, at least for now. A lot of it is just from my expansion and comes from knowing and being shown things directly to me, via pictures, images or images of words.

Everyone will receive different information and have different changes to your body or how you know live, as in eating, drinking and other habits you may have had, will now change. We are changing our patterns in our beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve us. You ARE changing, this is a great thing. Your fears will fall away as you know nothing can harm you truly at your core. You now know you are eternal and will never die. Only your human body will cease and fall away but you never die, never cease as you are energy. Your mind and spirit go on forever. You will expand in your consciousness and learn here on earth and when your spirit returns home.

Try the best you can to embrace this as to make it more comfortable for yourself. So with the flow if you will, it will make it a lot more comfortable for you. Trust what is happening for your good and the good of others, trust you are safe and not alone. You may feel times of sadness and guilt along the way, it is ok, just feel it, process it and keep moving forward with it. You cannot stop it, but fighting it will make it more unbearable to deal with. It will be exhausting at times and take you body and mind to the brink. Just be mindful and present and go easy on yourself. Go easy on others as they may not know you are going through this, everyday things will feel harder at times. Just doing the dishes or making dinner can seem like an all day ordeal, do know its ok. Just as with the bad, there will be a lot of great days that come with it as well. Days when you get information from beyond, like your higher self, when you leave your house and everyone goes out of there way just for you, the days of greatness, the feeling of source in you, the knowing you are a part of everything ever. Itís incredible, mind defying and scary. If anything is getting you down or becoming too much, just ask for it to ease up. Maybe your head is feeling like it will explode, just ask them to ease up and the pain will calm down. Or you hear cracking coming from your head from the inside out. You will also feel like ice picks are being placed in your ears as times. But you have to ask or tell them or they will not be able to help you.

Things to be mindful of while experiencing a shift

NOTE- You will feel a lot of the same things as when you first awakened- because it is all just shifts at the heart of it all. You shifting into the new you.

Sleep when you feel tired, your body does get run down, so if you can grab 20 minutes to feel refreshed, do so, youíll be all the happier for it. Your body does not need as much sleep as you think, but get to know yourself, I only need four hours. You will wake up a lot during these periods, take note, your waking up for a reason. Keep a note pad by you to take notes of the information you get to revisit later. Or take this time to meditate or reflect. Your energy self never needs rest, but your human body does, if you need eights hours, than take eight hours to rest. There is no right or wrong. You know your body, listen to it.

You may also find yourself very hyper sexual at times too. This is ok, relax, your energies are surging. There is no need to hold this energy in. You can if you want too, but if you run at a higher vibration or have times were you are running higher you will want to get rid of some of this energy. This can also help get the energy flowing more easily too. To run smooth and through you and not just get stuck in one area.

Drink plenty of water to keep the energies flowing through you and this will make this more comfortable for you. You have a lot of energies traveling in and through your body right now, the more water the better. This will help with any bloating you may get through a big energy surge. Our bodies our made up of more than half water in our blood, bones, muscles and brain so this is a must.

You will feel the urge to either under eat or over eat, so just watch how you feel. I under eat during energy surges. I just don't feel the need for it, did not feel hungry and honestly sometimes I forget to eat. With everything going on to and for me at these times. So just do the best you can to nourish your body. Some people will overeat and eat junk food to feel comfort as they may start to panic or become to overwhelmed, this is ok too, there is no right and wrong. Just go easy on yourself and try to be aware of your body and take care of it.

Exercise will be a wonderful new friend for a lot of you, as you get all jacked up with energy, go for a walk, workout to help get it out. Going for a walk helps and youíre also out in nature being a part of it, moving around in it and with it. You are all one now, so get out there and experience it, the flowers, plants, trees, other people. If you live in a busy city and canít get away to nature, itís ok too, go out and walk around the city, watch the other spirits moving around in their bodies having adventure here on earth with you, look at all the buildings built by other spirits in human form that were here before you. Itís everywhere all the time. Spend time with your pets or children; it can be very calming and pleasing. I understand that this can and will be difficult at time to do anything if you start to surge with energy bringing your frequency up higher and higher.

When your energy start rising higher and higher you may feel like you want to lay down and run at the same time. I can not stress meditation enough and get calm. All is well.