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If We Plan Our Lives, How Can We Have Free Will?
By:Robert Schwartz

Recently, at my invitation, some of you posted questions about pre-birth planning on my Facebook page. One of the many good questions was, "How can we have free will if we plan our lives before we're born?" I address this question in detail on pages 50-52 of my new book Your Soul's Gift, but it's such a fundamental and important question that I'd like to offer a condensed version of those pages here.

Let's say hypothetically that there's a soul - I'll call him George - who has had several lives in which he made certain plans before coming into body, but who then deferred to the wishes of others once he incarnated. In other words, George let other people tell him how to live in those lifetimes. In his life reviews, George sees that he has this tendency, and he decides to carry it energetically back into body for the purpose of healing it.

Let's also say that there's a soul - I'll call her Sally - who has had several lives in which she told others how to live and what to do. In her life reviews, Sally sees that she has this tendency, and she decides to carry it energetically back into body for the purpose of healing it.

Once George and Sally set their individual, pre-birth intentions, they might very well then create a pre-birth plan to marry, say at the age of 30. Though they know the marriage is likely to be turbulent, George sees it as a magnificent opportunity to learn to stand up for himself, and Sally views it as a wonderful chance to learn to respect the wishes of others.

Now, let's say that when George is incarnate and 25-years-old, he gets a job with an employer who runs roughshod over him. Let's say, too, that George marshals his internal resources and makes a stand. He tells his employer, "Stop! You may not treat me this way. If you want me to continue working here, you must treat me with respect and kindness." By taking such a stand, George has done what he hoped to do: he has learned to stand up for himself. Further, by being true to himself in this way, George has increased his vibration (frequency).

If George continues to stand up for himself in appropriate ways- that is, if he maintains his heightened vibration - then by virtue of the Law of Attraction either he and Sally will never meet, or if they do meet, there will not be enough of an attraction for them to marry. Here, George has used his free will to learn the planned lesson, which in turn obviated the need for the planned challenge (the marriage). In this way, free will and pre-birth planning mesh in an elegant, intricate tapestry.

At what of Sally? She will magnetize to herself other opportunities to learn the lesson of respecting others - opportunities that would have been planned as contingencies by her soul before she was born.

About the Author, Robert Schwartz:
As a certified hypnotherapist, I offer two types regressions, Past Life Soul Regressions (PLSR's) and Between Live Soul Regressions (BLSR's). Both types of sessions may powerfully catalyze emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and lead to greatly expanded understanding of who you are as a soul and what you planned to do in your current lifetime. Both types of sessions may also afford opportunities to speak with wise, loving beings in spirit with whom you can discuss any questions you have about your relationships, your challenges, or any other aspects of your life.

Source of this article: Robert's Nov 8 2012 Newsletter, reproduced here with permission from the Author