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How to Start a Women's Spirituality Group

In today's fast paced world, few women have time to really contemplate the spiritual side of life. Forming a Women's Spirituality Group can give you the opportunity to connect with others and explore this important aspect of a balanced life.

Decide who you want to include in your group. Think of the friends you have that would be interested in exploring the spiritual side of life.

At your first meeting, determine the group's purpose. This should include what you do want to get out of it as well as what you don't want to see happen. For example, you may decide that each person will get an opportunity to speak for at least 5 minutes OR that this is not a therapy group and working on someone's problem is not part of what you want to see happen.

Brainstorm some topic ideas for the next 6 months or even the next year. Some examples of topics are integrity, joy, forgiveness, living in the present, authenticity, compassion, how to give back to the world, happiness, grief, and so forth. The list can be endless. Sometimes the simplest concepts can turn into an incredible conversation.

Rotate homes if possible and have each person contribute food. Have the person who is hosting provide soup and have the others bring salad, drink, and dessert.

Hold your meeting on a consistent night of the month and do no more than once a month.

Take summers off and December since these are typically very busy times for people.

Even if you set some guidelines there may be a tendency for one or more group members to air their own concerns. Gently remind them that you'd like to bring the meeting back to the topic at hand and that we'd like to limit personal concerns as stated in your groundrules.