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For Beginners: Signs of Psychic Energy
By:Chad Stetson

Many people report feeling and sensing experiences that are thought to be not from this physical world. The causes of these phenomenal events is often unknown, but spiritualists and mystics believe that they are signs and indications of psychic energy. By being aware of the signs of psychic energy, you can focus and refine your spiritual abilities.

Visual Signs
Visual manifestations are some of the easiest signs of detecting psychic energy. The primary visual manifestation is called an aura. Mystics believe that auras are rays of energy that exude from a person, outlining them in a specific color. If you find yourself able to view a glow emanating from another person, it's likely that there is psychic energy involved.

Somatic Signs
Psychic energy often manifests itself in a somatic way that appears to make the body behave in strange ways. Somatic symptoms of psychic energy include vibrations, sudden warmth, tingling in the head and spine, as well as other bodily effects. These psychic signs often can be very troubling and scary, especially the vibrations. Although your body is not physically shaking, it certainly feels like it is. People that have experienced vibrations commonly say that they feel like uncontrollable convulsions. Vibrations are very common and typically affect individuals as they are falling asleep; they are perfectly normal and you shouldn't be bothered by them.

Emotional Signs
People commonly overlook the emotional signs of psychic energy. This is because most people dismiss them as simply being "in their mind." Mystics and people that use their psychic abilities believe that human beings have spiritual functionality; consequently, their emotions are deeply connected to their spirit. Emotional signs of psychic energy involve any emotion, feeling or perception that appears to be invasive or uncontrolled. Precognitive thoughts are the easiest emotional psychic signs to discern. For example, if you received a feeling of dread before a terrible event occurred, it's very likely that psychic energy influenced you.

Spiritual Signs
Spiritual signs of psychic energy are the most difficult to test and confirm. Spiritual signs include confrontations with spiritual entities, specific spiritual knowledge or insight, and meditative experiences. Spiritualists believe that spiritual knowledge and insight comes straight from God or a lesser spiritual being. These experiences are always highly subjective and often difficult to describe to others. The most common spiritual sign of psychic energy is having an out-of- body experience. Out-of-body experiences can occur spontaneously or can be induced by the use of various meditative techniques. Most of the population has encountered spiritual signs of psychic energy, as any form of meditation or religious experience falls into this category.