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For Beginners: Understanding About Spiritualist Mediums
By:Rachel Hindle

Before you can understand a spiritualist medium demonstration you have to understand what mediumship is and what a spiritualist is. The term mediumship is used to describe people who are said to have the ability to communicate with the spirits of people who are dead.

The ability to perform these tasks is generally refined to people within certain religious sects like the belief of Spiritualism, Spiritism, Voodoo, Umbanda, and Candomble. A spiritualist believes that the spirits of people who have gone on before us have the ability to communicate with us. They believe that at times these spirits have things they need to tell us and at times they simply want to make a connection to someone they knew and loved here in this realm.

So a spiritualist medium demonstration will be one where the medium in question proves to the people in the room that they are indeed in contact with the spirits of the dead. Sometimes the spiritualist medium will go into a trance and they will allow the spirit of the dead person to actual take over their body and speak through them. This is one of the most common ways that these mediums demonstrate their ability to communicate beyond the grave and the physical body.

Sometimes the medium does not allow the spirit to take over their body but instead they ask the spirit to tell them something that only the person in the room that they are trying to contact will understand. This private information that no other human being should be privileged to will demonstrate to the person in the room that the medium is indeed speaking to their loved one and is indeed able to receive messages from this spirit.

Some of the mediums will be able to see the spirit they are speaking to and some of them will not. If they can see the spirit they will describe it to the person in the room so that the person can identify the spirit that is present. Time and names are not as important in the world of the spirits and they cannot always speak to the medium as if they were speaking to you in a conversation. Sometimes the medium must interpret what they are saying. Sometimes they put the things together like a puzzle getting one piece at a time. A medium that does these demonstrations may not be able to reveal all that the spirit has to say in one session. They would love to but the spirit does not always give them all of the pertinent information at once so they cannot. You may have to establish another session with the medium and the real problem is that the spirit can evade you and not appear at all.

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