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How to Read an Aura on a Webcam
By:Mackenzie Wright

Imagine it you could see what kind of person someone was or what emotions he might be masking just by looking at an image of him. This can give you an advantage when meeting strangers on the Internet, or when communicating with friends who live far away. In some spiritual beliefs, this is possible by learning to read auras. An aura is the energy field that surrounds every living organism. By analyzing the colors, shapes and intensity of the aura, you can assess a lot about a person. The person need not be standing in front of you.

Practice learning to see and read auras on living things in person. Progress to photographs, then to the webcam. The process is always the same, but it's easier to work with live subjects until you get the hang of detecting auras.

Look at the subject and soften your gaze. Let your gaze drift around the edges of the subject's body. Eventually you will detect soft glows. You might actually see colors in this glow, or you might get a mental image of colors.

Write down what you see. Later on, when you get used to what you see, you won't need to write anything down. But in the beginning it can help you because a lot of images and impressions might come to you at once that you might not readily understand. Jot down colors, noting the intensity and clarity. Note if there are any spikes, shapes or pulses. Scribble down any words, images or impressions that come to you.

Set up an appoint with a friend to practice reading her aura. Ask her to set up her webcam so that a blank wall is behind her, and a low light is in front of her. Tell her not to reveal her mood or details about her day. Both of you should just log on and, without speaking, she should remain still and look into the webcam while you attempt reading her.

Consult spiritual guides and charts to help you decipher your impressions. Reveal the reading to your friend, asking her to refrain from interrupting until you are done. When you are finished with your reading, ask your friend for feedback.

Schedule readings with more friends through your webcam and practice until you become comfortable with reading. For practice, offer readings to acquaintances who you only know in passing.

Attempt to read people in casual webcam chats, but don't tell them what you're attempting to do. If you have trouble, tell them you're not getting a clear image and ask them to move a little or adjust the lighting in the room until you can see their aura better. Try to confirm your impressions by slipping questions into casual conversation, such as, "Have you been ill lately? You look a bit run down," or, "You strike me as a very cheerful, warm person. Am I right?"