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How to See Astral Energy

Talk of auras around people has been out for centuries. Many people are clueless that these auras exist. Others know that they exist, but have never seen them. Then there are the few that have always seen them, and wonder what they are. Auras are the magical mystery of people, and seeing them asks you to question your beliefs, your understanding of the world and everything you thought you knew in this world.

Understand what astral energy or "Aura" is. Inside this meatbag we call a body is a soul of energy. This energy can be seen outside of the body. This energy is the same energy that connects everything. Everything connected by energy is an odd concept, yet it has been proven by physicist specifically with something called "String theory." It states that there are strings, which are the smallest form of matter. How these strings vibrate, is what part of matter is created. These strings connect and respond to all other strings or energy. This energy emits from every single living thing, including humans. This technique of seeing auras can be used with all humans and vegetation.

Place a friend in front of the white back ground in a well lighted room. Step back 3 to 4 feet. Look and focus on the outline of their head. After a moment of looking you will notice that there is something there. This "something" will look like gas fuel vapor. This is the aura. Keep focusing and looking. As you watch, you will see this vapor grow and take on colors. If this doesn't happen the first time or right away, it's OK. This will take practice.

Seeing the odd "vapor" is the beginning. If you focus and look directly at it, you will see a flash of color and suddenly nothing. Your mind will trick you so you have to be careful. Work on seeing more and more of the aura. Work on seeing the color, because at first it will look clear and even white because of the white background. Once you can see it regularly, let your eyes slowly go out of focus. This will cause you to see the aura more vibrantly. Practice this continuously on a day to day basis.

Take the white background away. Starting with the same process as before, try to do see your friends aura in multiple locations. Different background will cause different visual problems you'll have to learn to overcome, especially if you are easily distracted. At this stage, breathing becomes important because with breathing you calm yourself and center yourself to only the task at hand. Breath in through your nose, and out with your mouth. You will feel yourself calming. The more calm and focused you are, you will see the aura as more brilliant, larger and you will see it move.

Aura moves because it is reacted upon by all of the other energy in the world. Now, work with vegetation. Untouched forests or well loved plants are the best because their aura is most brilliant and most visible. Once you can see humans' auras, the vegetation's aura is easier to see. Sit in front of the item. Admire its beauty, and if you'd like actually comment on how beautiful it is. Then slowly bring your eyes out of focus and look on the edges or the top of the plant. You will begin to see the vapor as before. Don't focus on it. Think to yourself about the beauty of the item. Suddenly, you will see the aura burst out of the plant. If you work on this a lot, you will see how it draws energy.

The colors have a variety of meanings. The basic means are: white is pain or sickness of some sort. red is anger, blue is helpful, purple for teaching, yellow/gold are very rare, but the most important. This is a color of someone magnificent and pure.