Articles about Spirituality

How to Interpret the Colors of the Aura
By:Darlene Zagata

You've probably heard of the aura but you may not be aware of what it means. An aura is an energy field that is generated by all living things. This includes human beings, animals and even plants. Some people can see the auric field. Actually everyone can learn to see the aura but some people are more attuned to the auric field therefore enabling them to see the aura without practice. Once a person learns how to see the aura they must next learn how to interpret the aura. Part of learning to interpret the aura is to learn how to distinguish between the various colors that appear as part of the aura. Each one of those colors have a meaning. There is also a positive and negative aspect to each color. For example, red may be viewed as passion but the negative aspect can also represent anger.

We will learn more about the colors in this article. Everyone is affected by the auras of others. Have you ever felt happy or even healthier when certain people are around? This is because you are being affected by the positive energy of their aura. Do you know people who seem to sap your energy leaving you feeling exhausted and drained? In fact, they are sapping your energy. These people are what are commonly referred to as psychic vampires. They deplete the energy of others. The aura is an energy field and your aura affects others as well as the auras of others affect your own energy. By learning how to interpret the colors of the aura you can better understand how others are feeling.

Notice red in the aura.
Red can mean that the person is physically active as well as sexually passionate. On the negative side it can indicate anger as well as a materialistic nature.

Observe yellow in the aura.
Yellow is the color of joy and happiness. It indicates a generous and free spirit. It also indicates a peaceful nature as well as a high intellect.

Look for green in the aura.
Green is the color of healing. A person with a good bit of green in the aura may be a natural healer. This also indicates a natural gardener, someone who has a green thumb and is good with plants and nature. Green is also an indication of a peaceful nature. On the negative side green can be the color of jealousy.

Notice orange in the aura.
Orange is the color of creativity, expression and inspiration. On the negative side it can represent power and a controlling nature.

Observe blue in the aura.
Blue is the color of balance and healing. It often represents a relaxed nature. On the negative side blue could represent depression.

Purple is the color of spirituality.
Primarily it represents a positive nature. In a negative aspect it could represent buried emotions resulting from trauma or negative experiences that have become buried deep within the subconscious.

Notice if white is present in the aura.
White can represent purity. In its negative aspect it can indicate illness or an imbalance of some sort.