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How to Give a Psychic Reading Over the Telephone Without Ever Meeting the Person
By:Dan Richter

Psychics, also known as seers, prophets and mediums, have been around for centuries. Such folks are said to have a natural ability to open their mind and receive divine information about the future through intuition. Many psychics are aided by a spirit guide, which is deceased person who guides the psychic through the "other side" --- a spiritual place where souls reside. If you are a true psychic, you can perform readings in person or over the phone since you are reading the essence of the person's spiritual body and don't need any connection to his physical body.

Preparing for the Reading

Go to a quiet area of your home and perform deep-breathing exercises and meditation until you are relaxed and your mind is completely open. Breathing and relaxation exercises will help you to be more receptive to your psychic abilities and raise your consciousness to a higher level.

Visualize being encapsulated in a bubble of pure, white light. This white light is positive energy and is used to attract good vibes and helpful energies during your psychic readings and it will help you ward off any negative energy.

Contact your spirit guide through the white light. Concentrate your energy on the area between your eyebrows, also known as the "third eye" or "mind's eye." Ask your spirit guide to come forward and help guide you to see with your third eye. Ask your spirit guide things about herself. Request that she help you to see correctly and ask for advice on how to strengthen your connection with the spirit world.

Performing the Reading

Call the number of the person who requested the psychic reading. Let the person know that you are ready for the reading and ask him if there is a particular area of his life about which he wants to discover.

Focus all of your energy on the space where your third eye is located in order to receive any clairvoyant messages or images. While concentrating intensely, open your mind and ask yourself what the future has in store for the person on the other end of the line in terms of love, money, health, family, career or any other area about which the person is curious. Don't rush yourself and concentrate on one area at a time until you've received a clear answer.

Relay the information you receive to the caller immediately without hesitation. Don't censor or sugarcoat any of the information that you are given as that will not give your caller an honest reading and will cloud your mind's eye.